Archive for the 'ChicagoBits' Category is not just another fan site #

Because the fan maintaining it is Brad Bostic, a bona fide Web entreprenur who got $6 mil in funding for ChaCha.

But listen: None of that matters if Rex turns it over.

Dumbest. Headline. Evar.

Just go to the article.

Michigan Avenue’s Underbelly #

Looper gets some great shots of a Chicago trademark: the “lower” streets. Watch for Part II at his blog.

GrubHub mixes gluttony and charity #

Ready to reap the rewards of Chicagoans stuffing their faces for the Super Bowl, GrubHub man Matt Maloney shares the love.

The mobster who won’t die #

The Sun-Times looks at Chicago’s most famous criminal.

Chicago is America’s #1 binge-drinking city #

Curl up with your bottle of Jack and read the article.

New CTA buses have hanging straps #

Next upgrade coming: Anti-urine smell seats.

Adrian Holovaty profiled by AJR #

The Mashup Man gets himself a prett-y swanky little article.

Cheap seats: The Megabus #

The Sun-Times examines the RyanAir of the roadways. They’re starting to turn a profit.

Why a UFO upset Chicagoans #

U of C sociologist hypothesizes why Chicago loves the Bean, hates the “new” Soldier Field (at least from the outside!).