5 questions for… Peter Harkins

Peter Harkins, push.cxPeter Harkins blogs at push.cx and has created NearbyGamers, a site that mixes games, gamers, and maps. Peter’s a bit camera-shy, so we made a personal icon for him based on his WordPress theme.

  1. What is the home page on your browser?

    I have no idea, I haven’t seen it in years. I’ve had Firefox set to re-open my tabs from the last session for so long I’ve completely forgotten. Let’s see… looks like it’s set to open a blank page if I ever manage to finish a day and not have a half-dozen things I want to check out later.

  2. Think of the most annoying person you know. You have the opportunity to place a mason jar filled with any substance on his/her desk. What is the substance?

    Hot chocolate, it’ll make anybody less annoying. Yeah, I tried to think of something obnoxious, but I figured it’d be easier to be nice.

  3. You recently released Sociable 2.0, a WordPress plugin that lets the kids do this crazy social bookmarking thing. Out of the 73,827 services Sociable supports, tell us which one is the most ridiculous.

    It’s got to be one of the foreign-language ones. Unfortunately, I can’t tell which because I can’t read them. Don’t they know that English is the lingua franca — er, the english language — of the web?

  4. If Google, Microsoft, and Apple were actual people, which would win in a steel cage match?

    Well, we know Microsoft would cheat and Apple would launch powerful attacks from behind, but Google’s just going to come out of nowhere to dominate.

  5. You’ve said that Programming Is Like Sex. Which programming language do the chicks dig?

    If you’re going to objectify women, you’re going to need an OO language like Smalltalk. Maybe Ruby for the younger ones.

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